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Data refer to publications listed in Scopus and published between 2013 and 2020 by active staff members. The Impact Factor is from JCR (2019).

Latest peer-reviewed publications

Selected recent and ongoing research projects

  • Development and testing of a standard protocol for cultural ecosystem services assessment and mapping based on online user-generated content (Prof. Ghermandi)
  • Optimization model for assessing the suitability of stormwater and wastewater reservoirs as birdwatching sites (Dr. Trop)
  • The effect of culture and religion on the dynamics of food waste in households (Prof. Ayalon)
  • Modelling the perceived quality of public space lighting: an interactive user-oriented approach (Prof. Portnov & Dr. Trop)
  • Ozonation as pretreatment for ethanol as transportation fuel replacement – optimization and life cycle analysis (Prof. Ayalon)
  • Identifying factors that influence farmers’ willingness to implement environmental practices on the Golan Heights (Prof. Ayalon)
  • Identification of optimal solutions for integrated runoff management in watersheds with diverse land uses and multiple stakeholders (Prof. Ayalon)
  • Cyberattacks detection in water distribution systems based on stochastic hydraulic model (Dr. Housh)
  • Hydraulic-based modeling for cyber-attacks detection in water distribution systems (Dr. Housh)
  • Transforming digital content to actionable content: a practical approach for the water sector (Dr. Housh)
  • Optimal management of multi source water supply systems under uncertainty: novel approaches and methods (Dr. Housh)

Research Center

We partner with the Natural Resources and Environmental Research Center (NRERC) to carry out interdisciplinary research in the area of natural resources and environmental management. 

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