Doctoral studies

The Doctoral studies in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management are interdisciplinary in essence and are guided by two advisers, at least one of which must be a regular academic staff member of the department.

The study duration for PhD is four years and consists of two stages:

  • Research stage A: The student is required to prepare the detailed research proposal, which may include preliminary results, receive the advisers consent to that proposal, submit it to the department’s Ph.D. committee, and meet other demands, for instance courses and seminars that may be assigned to him. After the research proposal is approved by the authorized academic bodies, the student may progress to the second stage. Duration of stage A is about one year.
  • Research stage B: During that time the student is expected to complete his or her Doctoral research. Duration of stage B must not exceed three years.

The advisers, in coordination with the head of the Ph.D. committee, will decide upon the student’s curriculum according to his or her academic background and the proposed research subject (at least 10 WSH). Attendance to the Department Seminars, which are held every month (usually every last Wednesday of each month), is mandatory.

Candidates with a Master’s degree from a recognised institution of higher education but without a thesis will be required to complete pre-research studies before commencing their doctoral studies.